Welcome to Undergraduate Medical Education's Electives Program


Attention all students applying to University of Toronto for visiting electives: Effective March 31 st 9am EST, applications for visiting electives for students from North American medical schools will be accepted solely through the AFMC student portal. The application for visiting students from international medical schools will open in August 2015 on the AFMC student portal. Further information on application procedures can be found at www.afmcstudentportal.ca.  In order to use the portal students will be expected to register on the site and pay a one-time registration fee. This fee is in addition to elective application fees required by each university. 

Applications through the current online system will be accepted until 3PM EST on March 30th.

Please note that applications submitted through the current online system before 3PM on March 30th will be processed. Duplicate applications through the Student portal are not required as administrators will continue to process applications received on the current system before the above stated deadline.

We ask that students kindly respect the registration limits of 8 weeks of elective time. Student applications will be monitored closely.